Friday, September 21, 2012

Invitation for Guest Authors Regarding Celsion, Seeking Rational Bear Views

For those of you who follow me on twitter (@magicsia), you may have seen earlier today the following tweets:

I meant every word in this series of tweets, and I would like to formally "open up" my blog to those of you who would like to "guest author" thoughts or ideas around Celsion. I am not necessarily seeking "positive" articles on Celsion, to the contrary, I want my blog to serve as a forum to communicate well-articulated, researched, and thought-provoking "bearish" views on Celsion. No name calling or ad hominem attacks, but rather, rational views on ThermoDox, the HEAT study, or anything else Celsion-related. Perhaps you want to reference articles listed on the blog as well, that would be all the more better.

As you have seen before, I have laid out bull and bear views on the company several different times, and have reminded you that my DD is guided by trying to prove myself wrong. Hence, the bear view is always on my mind.

The blog has continued to attract new visitors and interested stakeholders in the company, and for that, I thank you. If this site will continue to be a source of DD for new investors, then I have an obligation make sure both sides are heard as loudly and clearly as possible. And for that, the doors are open to you. Please either tweet me, email me or reply on a comment below if you would like to guest author a post. This won't be the wild west, so there will be a quick editorial "process", if you will. Hopefully, between now and final HEAT data, we can have a couple "bear" views posted for myself, and viewers, to react to. I encourage it, and I envision forwarding such views on to management for their reaction as well. 

As always, let me know your thoughts, have a great weekend.


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