Sunday, April 29, 2012

Leading Celsion Shareholder Achieves National Cancer-Fighting Accolade

Dear blog visitors, this next post is one that I take great pride in making available to my readers. As many of you might recall, Mitch Landgraf edited my scientific deep-dive article for ThermoDox a little while ago. He is one of the, in fact, THE most active cancer "fighter" I have ever seen, relentlessly raising awareness wherever he goes. I met Mitch not long after I took an initial interest in Celsion, and I am proud to call him a good friend. The following summarizes an important milestone he recently achieved, and while slightly out of scope relative to my usual articles, I nevertheless want to do my part to support Mitch and his efforts at the American Cancer Society.

A long time shareholder, cancer-fighting volunteer, and vocal supporter of Celsion's technology lead the way to a history making cancer-fighting achievement. Mitch Landgraf, a.k.a. "Odaat," is the volunteer chairperson of The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Upper Illinois Valley event. Due to the goodness of generous donors (including Celsion shareholders), outstanding committee and team volunteers, and Mitch's passion to fight cancer, the event was successful on an historic proportion. Not only did the event break State of Illinois records, garner multiple awards and recognitions, and rank in the top 25 events for the state of Illinois, but it did so in only its second year of existence. Most astonishingly, and unprecedented in the history of Relay For Life, the Relay For Life of Upper Illinois Valley ranked 2ND IN THE NATION from over 6,500 Relay For Life events in rankings based on participant feedback surveys. The event also had more than a ten-fold increase in monies raised and number of participants, cancer survivors, youth teams, and overall teams.

"We raised an incredible amount of money to fight cancer on the research front and to provide 100% free services to anyone affected by cancer," said Chairperson Mitch Landgraf. "I understand, Relay is a fundraiser, I get it, but my goal was not just to fight cancer, but to heal cancer. The things those oustanding feedback surveys expressed tell me that we achieved that goal...that people were moved, healed, got to cry, to laugh, to remember, to celebrate, to share fellowship with others affected by cancer, and to stand with each other in a powerful way against this insidious disease. For me, there is no disconnect between my cancer fighting volunteerism and my investment in and support of Celsion. Talk to anyone at a Relay event who watched a loved one suffer not only from cancer but from the way treatment side effects can lead to a steady demise of the body's health and the soul's joy, and you will know what I mean. Wemust get the Celsion LTSL drug delivery model to patients on a worldwide scale. I have been unabashed in sharing my personal opinion that iLTSSL technology, especially when triggered by HIFU, represents what I believe to be the drug delivery and cancer answer. Until the (increasingly near) time that it becomes widely available, I plan to stand firm in my trench with my fellow cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers, and biotech investors to fight cancer tirelessly. It is a life-changing privilege to serve as chairperson of such a healing, powerful, hope-filled event. Together, we can defeat cancer and heal its scars, one day at a time."

If you would like to help Mitch in this cause, you can make tax-deductible donations here:

by clicking "Donate on my behalf."

For more information about the event, photos, etc. go to

(Note: Mitch wanted to make it clear that he is not a representative of Celsion or The American Cancer Society.)


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