Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some Great New Year's Reading, Quick Thoughts on ABLATE

What a better way to start the new year than with more reading materials? :-)

In all seriousness, I continue to add journals to the links at the top of my blog, and I recently came across some fantastic reads that span a few different areas of interest. A couple of these articles really dive into the "nitty gritty" of thermal ablation, and in particular, draw upon the potential synergies seen with adjuvant therapies in the "sub-lethal zone" of ablation. I have also posted a very recent review of locoregional treatments in general for HCC, and have included some articles to get your interest brewing in the ABLATE trial Celsion recently initiated, focusing on the role of RFA for colorectal liver mets.

On the topic of CRLM, just keep in mind that while the population of patients with colorectal cancer is significant, and about 40-50% of them get liver mets at some point in their prognosis, it is confined liver mets (~25-30% of all patients, see the second to last reference below) where local treatment, such as RFA or surgery, would be used (this is reflected in the ABLATE trial protocol as well). This, of course, has implications for the "treatable" CRLM population with ThermoDox, impacting market potential estimates. Going even further, around 25% of that 30% are now treatable with surgery, so that leaves a little over 20% of patients that could receive some form of local treatment for colorectal liver mets (TACE, RFA, PEI, etc.), excluding surgery. Still, the numbers are significant from a market potential perspective for ThermoDox. Even if we say Celsion captures 10% at peak share capture, in the US alone, that is ~15,000 patients. Those numbers are even more important since the CRLM incidence primarily comes from the Western world, where Celsion is likely to have a more aggressive pricing strategy as well.

In regards to the ABLATE trial, I anxiously await news from the company in terms of a "first patient treated" press release, as I believe this should be imminent (in fact, this should have happened before end of 2011).

Chem Physics Lipids- (in press) Synergy Lipo Thermal Ablation 2011.pdf

Surg Oncol Clin- Basic Research in Thermal Ablation 2011.pdf

Can Treat Rev- Locoregional radiological Tx for HCC Which When How 2012.pdf

J Surg Onc- RFA of CRLM Dec 2010.pdf

J Surg Onc- Tx of CRLM Role of lap. RFA, Micr 2010.pdf

Cancer Control- Resection of CRLM Current Perspectives Jan 2006.pdf

Cancer Control- RFA of Liver Metastases Jan 2006.pdf

Int. J Surg Onc- Colorectal Liver Mets Review- Dec 2010.pdf (Added 1/2/12)

Enjoy the articles. I look forward to a busy 2012 for Celsion.


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